Sunday, August 30, 2009


I am watching the Phillies right now because I lorve them. Right now, its the bottom of the 8th, 2-3 Phillies, and Chase Utley hit a homerun to score 1 point. Chase is my hero. :)

 Seriously. He's my favorite player right now.

When I was in Pittsburgh, we had such amazing seats. This happened because everyone in Pittsburgh knows the Pirates are useless and no one goes to their games. Seriously. My family thought we'd be on tv because they always show Phillies fans, but EVERYONE there was a Phan. So that didn't work.

Anyway. My brother got an autograph from Cole Hamels, and it was the funniest thing. All these people were like "Cole! Sign this! Please Cole!" and he just ignored them and took my brothers ticket and signed it. DO you know why he did? Because my brother is the cutest 9-year-old ever. But it doesn't matter, because it's not because if anyone gave us an autograph (which is totally different then a signature, as I was told by my friend Alex), I wouldn't have got it. The only person I would have gotten an autograph from was Paul Bako. Becasue everytime I'm there he hits a homerun.

So anyway. Brad Lidge is up to pitch. Speaking of Lidge, my dad has mad up such great nick names for some of the players. Seriously, if we liked a diffferent team it would be the best thing ever. The best ones?

Shane Stinkarino
Jayson Werthless (not original, I know)
Cliff Leethal
Pete Happy (I just like this one for Pedro Feliz)
Brad Lidge the Bridge to Failure (I came up with that one right now)

Oh look. The Phillies win.


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  1. :) I like your blog. I will follow. I have never been to a major league baseball game before just minor league for my town. Look up Riverdogs on Google. That's my team. :) Follow me if you want at


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