Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"For you....On your birthday"

Here I am. Watching the Phillies. Again. Oooh Chase is up to bat. Maybe he'll hit a homerun. Or not. Anyway....

Today I was at Target looking for a card for my friend Amy. Her birthday par-tay is tomorrow and I just got her gift today. Shhhhhhh. Cards are the most unpersonal thing ever. Usually I make them myself except her gift won't fit in the type of envelope I use. So who on Earth comes up with these birthday cards? They are the most unoriginal, un-creative things EVER. The cards are very very sad. I hope I never get one of them. My favorite expressions.....

It's your birthday.... I hope it is magical (picture of a cupcake)

For my greatest friend....Happy birthday (2 dogs)

Today is your special day!....I hope you enjoy it. (a lot of squiggles)


People make money off of this?! Luckily I found her a good one at the humor card section. But seriously. The only thing worse are the blank-inside cards. You know, the ones with a picture of a tree on the front and nothing on the inside. Speaking of blank-inside....

Have you ever heard/seen Brian Reagan (spell check) the comedian? He. Is. The. Most. Hysterical. Person. On. Earth. No competition. He does a bit about cards so I thought I would mention him. ANyway, sorry about my rant and my plug.

Today is September 1st. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Except I'm pretty lucky, I still have until the 10th until school starts. And also it's gonna be an awesome weekend because its one of mah best friends bar mitzvah.

Why do people say mah? I just did it to make fun of the word. MAH friend Jonah says MAH a lot and he kinda sounds stupid...but its ok because its Jonah...and hes pretty stupid himself....anyway

Aaron Rowan is playing against the Phillies today. I remember him for breaking his nose catching a ball and being the bobble head they gave out on Jewish Heritage night...even though he's not Jewish.

K I'm gonna go now except I'm realllllllly tempted to tell you if the Phillies win or not.
Or maybe I will go.
Ugh choices! Except if I stay what will I talk about? It's only the 4th inning...
Ok. Bye

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  1. the Phillies did win...1-0. Cole Hamels had like 8 strikeouts. Whoo!
    and is wan't AAron Rowan with the bobble head. It was some ohter guy. Whoops.


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