Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crakers and Zac...ers

Ritz Crackers are officially the best food ever. I realized this right after I polished off a whole roll of them.

Because I can do that.

Anyway. Last night I rented 17 Again and saw it for the first time. It was really funny, and better then I expected. Zac Efron may be the 3rd hottest person alive. He is amazing. And actually a really good actor. I'm so happy High School Musical is over, he has a lot of potential. Watching 17 Again was funny. Know what was even more funny?

Watching it with my 9-year-old brother.

Wait, why did Stan break up with her?!
What does THAT word mean?


  1. Thanks for following me. ♥ your pic!Cute!And nice blog too.

  2. thanks and ur welcome love your blog too!

  3. i saw 17 again... it wasn't as good as you say, and zac efron looks like a girl (sorry that may be offensive to some ppl) but it was okay

  4. i thought it would suck badly so i was impressed


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