Sunday, August 23, 2009



Best podcast ever. They are hilarious and, honestly, they are way cooler HP nerds then I am.

About my favorite ones....

Andrew Sims is the leader or whatever you want to call it. Head Nerd. Very funny and...fangirl alert...I love him! Also he's from South Jersey (like me) so he's double the cool.

Micah Tannenbaum has the best voice in the whole freakin world. He should do an audiobook about Math or something because then it would be everyone's favorite subject. 
Matt Britton is hysterical and...awesome (*eye roll*)

Yeah there are more. But these guys are my faves. Seriously. Sometimes I feel like a stalker I realllly want to meet them like insanely. And then become their BFFUHPDOAHAOS because after that we'll all go into shock and depression.

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