Sunday, August 23, 2009


Lol is not an answer. If someone says something, such as, oh, you do not reply with lol. This bothers me the most out of everything you can do while texting someone. If someone says "oh" an appropriate response would not be lol. Same goes for "I'm so upset right now why does this have to happen!!! :'( "  (take that gubman)

Conversation=1. LOLs=32. Number of times actually laughed out loud=0.

Oh yeah. I know that was tacky.


  1. lol... (haha yeah i went there) ... but i totally agree. my best friend and i actually had a chatting conversation about what we could use other than lol.

  2. LOL ends conversations! There is nothing to feed off of! LOL is soo annoying!


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