Sunday, August 30, 2009

old blog! =scarrrry music-

Ok so when I was like 10 or something I had my own blog....and I just reread it and I am completley, utterly, shocked by it. Was I really that weird/strange/stupid person who thought that I was hilarious and witty? Becasue I wasn't. So even though I can't believe I'm doing this....I'm going to post a link to my first blog to show you how much I suck.

this is sooo embaressing (sorry not good with spelling if I spelled that wrong)
Its hard to read for me because i'm like wtf! i was an idiot!

ok im gonna stop talking.


  1. Hey, I saw you're following my blog! Thanks :D

    I think it's pretty impressive that you had a blog at age 10! I wasn't even allowed on the internet without supervision when I was that old hahaha. But don't worry, we all have somewhat embarrassing things to look back on, but they make for a good laugh, right? :)


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