Sunday, August 30, 2009


I am watching the Phillies right now because I lorve them. Right now, its the bottom of the 8th, 2-3 Phillies, and Chase Utley hit a homerun to score 1 point. Chase is my hero. :)

 Seriously. He's my favorite player right now.

When I was in Pittsburgh, we had such amazing seats. This happened because everyone in Pittsburgh knows the Pirates are useless and no one goes to their games. Seriously. My family thought we'd be on tv because they always show Phillies fans, but EVERYONE there was a Phan. So that didn't work.

Anyway. My brother got an autograph from Cole Hamels, and it was the funniest thing. All these people were like "Cole! Sign this! Please Cole!" and he just ignored them and took my brothers ticket and signed it. DO you know why he did? Because my brother is the cutest 9-year-old ever. But it doesn't matter, because it's not because if anyone gave us an autograph (which is totally different then a signature, as I was told by my friend Alex), I wouldn't have got it. The only person I would have gotten an autograph from was Paul Bako. Becasue everytime I'm there he hits a homerun.

So anyway. Brad Lidge is up to pitch. Speaking of Lidge, my dad has mad up such great nick names for some of the players. Seriously, if we liked a diffferent team it would be the best thing ever. The best ones?

Shane Stinkarino
Jayson Werthless (not original, I know)
Cliff Leethal
Pete Happy (I just like this one for Pedro Feliz)
Brad Lidge the Bridge to Failure (I came up with that one right now)

Oh look. The Phillies win.



So I was actually freaking out a little about 2012, bacause all I heard about it was that the Mayans predicted the world was gonna end. That and the movie trailor for 2012 which looks like a thoroughly creepy movie.

Um, thats not even what they predicted at all. Actually, they said it will be the end of a cycle. All the people who think the world will end obviusly didn't see the evidence that ITS NOT. On Wikipedia there is a really good article explaining how the world id defianley (spell check) NOT going to end. Some people also say it will be a start of a new cycle of spirtual enlightment. *cough cough* Still, I would prefer that then the world ending.

Anyway, I asked my dad his opinion, and he said that the Mayans couldn't be that good at predicting things, seeing as they couldn't predict their civilization ending.

Soooo...The world isn't ending. The End.

old blog! =scarrrry music-

Ok so when I was like 10 or something I had my own blog....and I just reread it and I am completley, utterly, shocked by it. Was I really that weird/strange/stupid person who thought that I was hilarious and witty? Becasue I wasn't. So even though I can't believe I'm doing this....I'm going to post a link to my first blog to show you how much I suck.

this is sooo embaressing (sorry not good with spelling if I spelled that wrong)
Its hard to read for me because i'm like wtf! i was an idiot!

ok im gonna stop talking.


Cassadee Pope from Hey Monday...

I'm thinking about getting my hair cut like hers. except without the blonde highlights I think I'll keep my hair my natural color. Is this a good hair style or what? Does it even look good?

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Sorry I wasn't really on...I was in Pittsburgh for the Phillies game. (Go Phillies!)

So...I don't know what to talk about. I couldn't think of anything during the 6-hour ride there. And the 6-hour ride back. about I pull a shane dawson and ask a question that you can answer in the comments! (Shane Dawson, by the way, is my favorite person to watch on youtube) there anything that seriously scares you to death? That could be your worst fear ever? I have a few....

1) Aliens invading Earth (I believe!)
2) Someone breaking into my house and killing one of my family members
3)The world ending Dec 21st, 2012. Ok, I know this isn't gonna happen, but it still freaks me out!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crakers and Zac...ers

Ritz Crackers are officially the best food ever. I realized this right after I polished off a whole roll of them.

Because I can do that.

Anyway. Last night I rented 17 Again and saw it for the first time. It was really funny, and better then I expected. Zac Efron may be the 3rd hottest person alive. He is amazing. And actually a really good actor. I'm so happy High School Musical is over, he has a lot of potential. Watching 17 Again was funny. Know what was even more funny?

Watching it with my 9-year-old brother.

Wait, why did Stan break up with her?!
What does THAT word mean?

Baby Names...Pete's Baby (I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy...)

Ok. First of all. I looooooove Fall Out Boy. They're, like, one of my favorite bands.  And I looooooooooove Pete Wentz. Actually, we're married.

Shh. Don't tell Ashlee.

Anyway. I have always loved names and I am fascinated by them. There are just so many! Thats why I have decided that I like unique names. Not too unique, that you just make up, (*cough* Renesmee *cough*) but names that you can walk into a classroom without finding 10 people with that name. Which is kinda funny, because thats the kind of name I have.

So back to Pete Wentz. As I mentioned before, I love him, and I also love to tease him. So now I'm gonna tease his choice of name. In case you didn't know...his child's name is Bronx Mowgli. I'm pretty sure thats how you spell it. But Pete....It sounds like it could be a name of one of your songs.

"I Slept With Someone From Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was A Baby Named Bronx Mowgli"

So for his first name...Bronx....It would make sense, but only if one of his parents was actually from New York. And his middle name....just...why? Mowgli? Really? You like The Jungle Book  that much? Oh Pete. You know I love you. (See above for our marriage announcement) But, honestly I feel for your baby.

The End.
P.S. I thought of this idea while I was standing in line for a water slide at Hurricane Harbor, which is where I was yesterday.   

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I don't get why everyone hates commercials. OK, so maybe you absolutely love the show you're watching. But think of it this way. Each one is like it's own mini show. You're not missing anything!

Ok. I didn't even believe that.

Anyway. I think commercials (i mean tv ones, the magazine and computer ones bore me, although  i am a fan of billboards) are awesome. They take laundry detergant and make it into a whole show. Airlines seem fun and exciting. Phone companies make you want to run out and buy a new Pegasus or something. And the amount of creativity it takes! Where do people come up with this? Now that I think of it, commercials are the main reason I watch tv.

I think I've found my calling.

Demi Lovato

You need to give Demi Lovato credit. She's actually a pretty good singer. If she wasn't with Disney, which makes her whole "rock" getup look incredibly stupid and poser-ish, she would have lot of potential. Even though her singing skills are pretty good, I can't say the same thing for her acting. When she was on the Bell Rings thing she was tolerable. But Sonny With A Chance is actually extremly bad. Especially with the Zora or whatever her name is character. She's mildly creepy and needs to get help. Especially during the theme song. Shiver. Anyway....

Demi is kinda the opposite of Selena Gomez, who just came out of no where.

I mean, really, I don't even know how she got her start in Disney. She just fell out of the sky. She didn't have her own mini-series or anything.

Anyway, I like Selena as an actress. I think she's pretty good. When I was forced to watch Princess Protection Program with my best friend (who owes me big time) the difference was giant. So as much as I like Selena as an actress, she is one of the worst singers Disney has spit out at us. (the other? m.i.l.e.y.) Or at least I think she is. I can't tell from all the computerizing of her voice.

Speaking of Selena...Don't get me started on her duet with Forever the Sickest Kids. The song was great without her!
So anyway. Demi is pretty good. The End.


Speaking of Micah Tannenbaum....

Happy belated birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Best podcast ever. They are hilarious and, honestly, they are way cooler HP nerds then I am.

About my favorite ones....

Andrew Sims is the leader or whatever you want to call it. Head Nerd. Very funny and...fangirl alert...I love him! Also he's from South Jersey (like me) so he's double the cool.

Micah Tannenbaum has the best voice in the whole freakin world. He should do an audiobook about Math or something because then it would be everyone's favorite subject. 
Matt Britton is hysterical and...awesome (*eye roll*)

Yeah there are more. But these guys are my faves. Seriously. Sometimes I feel like a stalker I realllly want to meet them like insanely. And then become their BFFUHPDOAHAOS because after that we'll all go into shock and depression.


Lol is not an answer. If someone says something, such as, oh, you do not reply with lol. This bothers me the most out of everything you can do while texting someone. If someone says "oh" an appropriate response would not be lol. Same goes for "I'm so upset right now why does this have to happen!!! :'( "  (take that gubman)

Conversation=1. LOLs=32. Number of times actually laughed out loud=0.

Oh yeah. I know that was tacky.