Sunday, August 30, 2009


So I was actually freaking out a little about 2012, bacause all I heard about it was that the Mayans predicted the world was gonna end. That and the movie trailor for 2012 which looks like a thoroughly creepy movie.

Um, thats not even what they predicted at all. Actually, they said it will be the end of a cycle. All the people who think the world will end obviusly didn't see the evidence that ITS NOT. On Wikipedia there is a really good article explaining how the world id defianley (spell check) NOT going to end. Some people also say it will be a start of a new cycle of spirtual enlightment. *cough cough* Still, I would prefer that then the world ending.

Anyway, I asked my dad his opinion, and he said that the Mayans couldn't be that good at predicting things, seeing as they couldn't predict their civilization ending.

Soooo...The world isn't ending. The End.

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