Sunday, August 23, 2009

Demi Lovato

You need to give Demi Lovato credit. She's actually a pretty good singer. If she wasn't with Disney, which makes her whole "rock" getup look incredibly stupid and poser-ish, she would have lot of potential. Even though her singing skills are pretty good, I can't say the same thing for her acting. When she was on the Bell Rings thing she was tolerable. But Sonny With A Chance is actually extremly bad. Especially with the Zora or whatever her name is character. She's mildly creepy and needs to get help. Especially during the theme song. Shiver. Anyway....

Demi is kinda the opposite of Selena Gomez, who just came out of no where.

I mean, really, I don't even know how she got her start in Disney. She just fell out of the sky. She didn't have her own mini-series or anything.

Anyway, I like Selena as an actress. I think she's pretty good. When I was forced to watch Princess Protection Program with my best friend (who owes me big time) the difference was giant. So as much as I like Selena as an actress, she is one of the worst singers Disney has spit out at us. (the other? m.i.l.e.y.) Or at least I think she is. I can't tell from all the computerizing of her voice.

Speaking of Selena...Don't get me started on her duet with Forever the Sickest Kids. The song was great without her!
So anyway. Demi is pretty good. The End.


  1. yes, demi is infinitely better than both selena and miley... do NOT get me started on the Jonas Brothers...

    another very computerized, random singer is miranda cosgrove... she should stick to acting, though, honestly, I liked school of rock better than her current acting stuff

  2. i honestly don't get why everyone on disney has to sing. acting isn't enough?

  3. lol selena gomez is just a girl disney picked out of mexico and forged a green card! ok that was really mean so i didnt say that. but she is REALLY REALLY BAD. (just in my opinion) I hear my friends little siblings talking about that movie of wizards of somthing place and i squeee I SQUEEEEEE. bleach


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