Thursday, September 17, 2009


Bonjuer madamoiselle/monsiur/madam! (yes, I love my french class.)

My last post has been moved to my old blog, in case you really care that much about it. WHich you probably don't. I don't even care that much about it.

Nyway, last night I was at the Phillies game!!!!! Let me tell you, when Chase Utley stole home I almost freaked out. Seriously, I was like "Yes! Yes! I love Chase Utley! Woooo! Wooooo!" Also before the game you could text a message and they might play it on the really big screen. I texted....'I love chase utley!' (suprise suprise) and it went on. That made me happy. Also, I did see Jayson Weth's grand slam. It was awesome. I guess he is Werth someting after all. Heheheh. ALso my seats were like a section away from where the guy caught the baseball gave it too his daughter and his daughter chucked it over the side.

Also the Nationals are a very bad.
No offense to whoever likes them, I have a certain fondness for them having been born in Washington, but there's a reason they're like 33 games back.
Lets leave it at that.

Right now I'm listening to 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls. I wish someone would take a song, name it Jess and have it not include anything about me or love or hate or any emotion at all.
That would be awesome.

Ok bye

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