Sunday, September 13, 2009

"They Whispa. Into our heads."

Hello everbody!

I'm watching the Phillies now. Right now its 4-0 Phillies, with Ben Francisco and Shane Victorino (who is newly mohawked) hitting homeruns.
Kyle Kundrik is pitching, and he is doing very very well.
Also. Chase Utely got walked twice. :-)
Right now: bases loaded, Rauuuuuuuul up to bat. 3-1.
UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. Raul grounded out. Inning's over.

Ok. Anyway. Last night, after Michael's bar mitvah, (the food sucked, the party was awesome) I slept over my friend Alexis's house. We rented this movie, Knowing, and it was WEIRD. Thats the one with Nicholas Cage, and about the paper with all the numbers with all the disasters. It was weird, but good. My favorite scene was with the subway. Because it was HYSTERICALLY stupid. The subway car literally came off the track and knocked people out of the way. You could see the people flying in the air. Ha ha ha ha.

Kendrik gave up a 2 run homerun. 4-2.
Some guy named Tyler Walker is pitching for the Phillies. Who is HE? I don't know.

So.....tomorrow we're getting some rooms painted. Wow that's boring.

Matt Stairs hit a double.
Andy Tracy hit a single. Bruntlett (runner for Stairs) scored. 5-2. YES!
Remeber, in case of an emergency, use Stairs. hehehehehe.
LIdge is gonna pitch. Let's see how this turns out.
Odds are he blows it.

Anyway, Alexis has this little Chinese Dwarf Hamster named Tater Tot. It is the CUTEST little thing ever. It can fit in the palm of my hand and still have room for another one. I love it so much! ALso she has a weiner dog named Dixie, a.k.a. Schnoodle, who pees the first time you pet it. No matter what.

Tomorrow is school again. Boo. is HILARIOUS! Really especially despairwear. hahahahahahaha. It really makes me laugh, even if it's pessimistic. But those kind of things are usually very funny.

Phillies win. They play again at 8 I think.

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